Our Vision

The objectives of the CPBA have been:

  • To unite regardless of political persuasion persons who sympathise with the cultivation and realization of Chinese and social ideas.
  • To promote and foster friendships, co-operation and goodwill among members.
  • To establish and nurture closer relationships with other communities in Australia.
  • To organize all types of recreational, sporting and cultural activities for its members.
  • To strive to become the leading ethnic organisation.
  • To uphold and protect the reputation of the club and its members.
  • To promote and facilitate interaction amongst the members of the business community, both Chinese and non-Chinese.
  • To promote and facilitate interaction amongst the members of professions, both Chinese and non-Chinese.
  • To develop a sense of political awareness amongst members of the Chinese community but the Club shall remain politically non-aligned.
  • To promote Chinese education and culture.
  • To establish, maintain and conduct a non-political, non-sectarian Club with all usual privileges, advantages, accommodation and facilities for use by members and visitors and with all proper powers for the maintenance of discipline within the Club and to provide Club premises and other conveniences in connection therewith and to furnish and maintain the same and to provide facilities for recreational activities and to encourage social intercourse between the members of the Club.
  • To promote, support, organize alone or jointly with any other association, club, corporation or person, lectures, concerts, theatrical productions, exhibitions and all other entertainment.