The day started off dull and cold. We were keeping our fingers crossed  that the rain would stay away.We set off at 7am to Helen and Joey Vineyard up in the Yarra Valley, to set up for the event.Why so early? We had to put a pig on a spit!We arrived at Helen and Joey winery estate – what a breath taking view but no time for that.Lots to do, lots to unpack and of course, start cooking that pig

Finally, everything was set and ready – time to admire that view. Then, we start to panic – where are the guests? Surely, they would be arriving by now..There were lots of people milling around, us, the staff from the winery and of course, our sponsors, Helen and Joey. But where are the guests?

Do I see a car coming up the driveway? Yes! Our first guest .. But alas, it is the winemaker coming to say hello. Wait. I can see dust on the horizon. Another car … Yes! Guests have arrived! And more guests! Then it all starts. People want to talk. People want to sample the wine. People admiring the view.The children saying that they are bored after the long journey from Melbourne .. What to do? Yes, the cavalry has arrived. Actually, it’s “Animals of Oz”  – entertainment meant for the children but the adults also had fun.Baby crocodile, snake, spiders and a wombat were part of the menagerie.

After the entertainment, came food – everyone soon tucked into BBQ meats, salads and of course, thesucculent roast pig.

All washed down with the beautiful boutique wine of Helen and Joey Winery,

Needless to say, a great time was had by all.

Another memorable CPBA event.