Albert LEE
President 1991/94

Mr Lee has been involved with the Chinese Professional & Business Association (CPBA) for 32 years, Foundation Member, Honorary Life Member, President from 1991/1994 then from 2002/2007.

Albert is a Justice of the Peace (JP). He has been involved extensively with community work, serving in many important roles.
Mr Lee was Deputy Chairman of the Museum of Chinese Australian History Inc. in 1985 Then become Chairman when the late Hon. Don Dunstan (former South Australian Premier) resigned Mr Lee took over as Chairman. When Mr Lee was President of CPBA he organized & helped raised approximately $48,000 & donated to the Chinese Museum in their early difficult infant years and also assisted to obtain the grant of $300,000 from the  then Robert Fordham Deputy Premier of the Cain Government of Victoria. The Chinese Museum is in reasonably strong position now.

During the time when Mr Lee was President of the CPBA and President of FCA, he actively involved and helped the Ararat Chinese Heritage Society Inc. together with the Chairman the late Mr Don Reynolds and Chairman of the Trust of Gum San Canton Lead Museum Trust Inc. the Hon. Richard de Fegley, they went to Canberra & met the Tourism Minister & the opposition Minister for Immigration and asked the Federal Government for grants to build the Ararat Chinese Museum and also met the Victorian Premier, both Governments eventually granted them $1.5M.