Fundraised for The Baucau Training Centre Project in East Timor.

In addition to supporting local community projects, CPBA is also actively supports people in the needy developing countries. In November 2000, CPBA successfully held a Charity Ball to raise funds for the redevelopment of East Timor.

CPBA has a strong association with the Friends of Baucau whose aim is to build the capacity of the people of Baucau for their own management of their future. CPBA is proud to have donated the raised funds from the Charity Ball, together with the proceeds from the cheque presentation night, to a grand total of $19,500, for the refurbishment of the training centre proposed by the Friends of Baucau.


Friends of Baucau links the Cities of Darebin and Yarra and their communities in Melbourne in a Friendship relationship with the District of Baucau in East Timor. Since the end of 1999, Friends of Baucau has:

  • Sent a Delegation to Baucau to assess the community’s needs
  • Sent shipments of educational, medical, sporting and drafting equipment and materials etc. to Baucau
  • Hosted visits for the ministers and officials of Baucau
  • Sent a delegation of planners to help planners in Baucau to assess their needs and to establish a local professional group
  • Supported women in Baucau who are training as literacy facilitators


In early 2001, Sr Marito Reis, the Baucau District Administrator visited Melbourne and was impressed by the model of community based-training. This idea was further developed by Sr Laurentino Ximenes when he came to Melbourne for a month’s training in early 2002.

During their visit to Baucau in April 2002, Kevin Breen and Richard Brown of Darebin Council investigated the proposal further, including a possible site for the training centre.

The project has received initial support from a number of organizations and Friends of Baucau is grateful to acknowledge the generous support given byCPBA to this project.