Anthony Lin
ANTHONY LIN - President

My journey in the finance industry spans over a decade, with seven years dedicated to banking where I developed my expertise in financial management and strategic decision-making.

Four years ago, I started on a new adventure by establishing a thriving mortgage brokering business.

This experience has not only solidified my expertise in financial services but has also given me invaluable insights into entrepreneurship and business management.

Networking isn’t just a professional endeavour for me; it’s a personal joy. I thrive on the opportunity to connect with individuals from diverse backgrounds, industries, and experiences.

Building meaningful relationships and creating synergies among professionals is what drives me every day.

In addition to this role, I proudly representing CPBA and serve as the Treasurer of the Federation of Chinese Associations (VIC) Inc., contributing to the broader Chinese community’s welfare and growth initiatives.

Furthermore, I hold the position of Vice President at the Melbourne World Friendship of Fuqing, where I actively promote cultural exchange and understanding.

I believe that genuine connections are the cornerstone of success, and I am committed to creating platforms and opportunities that facilitate collaboration, learning, and growth for our members.


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PHIL TAN - 1st Vice President

Philip Tan, experienced Business Development Manager at Bendigo Bank and is a very experienced commercial banker (commercial and home loans).

Philip is an expert in lending with a demonstrated history of working in the financial services industry and retail sectors. Bendigo Bank offers a full range of banking services with a focus on giving back to the community.

He also owns a hair salon at Glen Waverley Shopping Centre (as a investor) called SISU Hair salon (retail owner).


Louie Yuan Secretary
LOUIE YUAN - 2nd Vice President

Louie is family a man supported by his lovely wife Kary and two sons Xavier and Xander. He has been in the Banking and Finance industry for over 7 years looking after home loans, commercial lending, asset finance and investment finances. Prior to Banking and Finance he also accrued experience in the Insurance industry for over three years.

During his down time, he enjoys watching Netflix and taking the family out for dinner. His favourite cuisine is noodles of all kinds and Japanese food. Recently he has completed building their first home and would love to share his experiences with anyone that wants to learn more about Knock-Down-Rebuilds.

He has now become self-employed and joined the Money Quest Surrey Hills franchise to continue the development of his finance career. His value add for his client’s is his ability to be an “One-Stop Shop” for all finance, mortgages, real estate, constructions, commercial loans and insurance needs with a strong focus on long term relationship.

If you are ready for the next step in your property journey remember to get #lenderlouie on your #A-Team!


BILLY BONG - Treasurer

Billy Bong is a qualified CPA member with years of experience in Accounting, Taxation, Superannuation Fund and the Business Service Industry.
He enjoys working with people from different backgrounds  and helping them to make sense of the numbers.
Billy’s qualifications include Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting and Finance) and Bachelor of Economics.

Outside of work, Billy enjoys hiking and riding during summer and snowboarding in the winter.


Elizabeth Ho 2024
ELIZABETH HO - Secretary

Elizabeth is a property and commercial lawyer, with experience in property sales and acquisitions, property development and subdivisions, due diligence, complex property related stamp duty advice, retail and commercial leasing.

Elizabeth is multilingual. She speaks English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Hokkien and Malay, and has worked closely with many local and foreign developers and landowners.

Contact :-

Kelvn Tan - CPBA
KELVIN TAN - Committee Member

Kelvin is the other half of the dynamic duo at Plan Ahead Events Camberwell.

Kelvin has a wealth of knowledge in Information Technology (IT) which he applied to the financial sector.
He is involved with all aspects of the events with his strengths being in the project management of the event timeline, finance and budget expenses of the event.

His passion in life (besides his wife) is fine wine, cooking, travelling and running – he recently completed the Melbourne Marathon in 2016 and will be participating in the 2017 event.

He also loves meeting people and lending a helping hand.

He holds the Membership Role in CPBA.
All membership queries should be directed to Kelvin!


Thu Nyugen
THU NGUYEN - Committee Member

Thu is a licensed real estate agent and a licensed finance concierge who enjoyed networking and building strong meaningful rapports.

Thu is a current member of CPBA since 2022 and she is hoping to support the association to prosper moving forward.

Contact:  | 0424 766 338

Pei Lin 300x300
CATRINA XIAO (PEI LIN) - Committee Member

Here’s my profile statement:

Graduating with a Master’s Degree in Information Technology from Unimelb in 2019, Peilin has been working as a software consultant at one of the world’s leading consulting firms in Melbourne, helping building HR system management solutions to world-class businesses such as Toyota. Peilin’s also the BDM in Melbourne region for Seahorse finance, a Sydney based company that specialize in realestate, financial mortgage, education and overseas exchange.


RICHARD WONG - Committee Member

Richard has been involved with CPBA for over 20 years.  He is a businessman and scholar.

Contact :-

Mary Tan - CPBA 1
MARY TAN - Immediate Past President

Mary has a diverse upbringing – her parents are from Hong Kong but she has never lived there! In fact, she was born in Jamaica, brought up in North Wales (UK) and now in Australia! Her husband is Singaporean.

She believes very strongly in connecting and building relationships and loves to network.

Her interests are travelling and eating!


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