The Chinese Professional and Business Association (“CPBA”) is one of the premier Chinese professional organisations in Australia today.

CPBA was formed in 1974 to allow Chinese professional and business people to meet and discuss matters of mutual interest.

Since then, its membership has grown to include many of the leaders of the Chinese community. There are representatives from all professional areas and various fields of business endeavour, with members from many countries in the Pacific Basin.

CPBA was also a driving impetus in establishing the Federation of Chinese Association (FCA) as an umbrella organisation for over 20 Chinese Associations in Melbourne.

CPBA continues to maintain its presence in community affairs and in addition to its own representatives on the FCA and Chinatown Historic Precinct Committee. It also has delegates in the Asian-Australian Consultative Council and the Victorian Ethnic Community Council addressing issues such as immigration and multiculturalism.


The objectives of the CPBA have been:

  • To unite regardless of political persuasion persons who sympathise with the cultivation and realization of Chinese and social ideas.
  • To promote and foster friendships, co-operation and goodwill among members.
  • To establish and nurture closer relationships with other communities in Australia.
  • To organize all types of recreational, sporting and cultural activities for its members.
  • To strive to become the leading ethnic organisation.
  • To uphold and protect the reputation of the club and its members.
  • To promote and facilitate interaction amongst the members of the business community, both Chinese and non-Chinese.
  • To promote and facilitate interaction amongst the members of professions, both Chinese and non-Chinese.
  • To develop a sense of political awareness amongst members of the Chinese community but the Club shall remain politically non-aligned.
  • To promote Chinese education and culture.
  • To establish, maintain and conduct a non-political, non-sectarian Club with all usual privileges, advantages, accommodation and facilities for use by members and visitors and with all proper powers for the maintenance of discipline within the Club and to provide Club premises and other conveniences in connection therewith and to furnish and maintain the same and to provide facilities for recreational activities and to encourage social intercourse between the members of the Club.
  • To promote, support, organize alone or jointly with any other association, club, corporation or person, lectures, concerts, theatrical productions, exhibitions and all other entertainment.



The genesis of the Chinese Professional and Business Association (“CPBA”) came about in August 1973. A group of Chinese residents in Melbourne met to discuss the need for an ethnic organisation at whose gatherings professionals and business people could meet to discuss matters of mutual interest and at the same time became representative of this group in the wider community.


CPBA was formed on 20 February 1974 and the objectives of the Association have been:

  • to unite regardless of political persuasion persons who sympathise with the cultivation and realisation of Chinese cultural and social ideals;
  • to promote and foster friendship, co-operation and goodwill among members;
  • to promote the social, intellectual and general welfare of members;
  • to establish and nurture closer relationships with other communities in Australia and generally promote the national welfare of Australia.

Catalyst within the Chinese Community

In its 32 years of existence the Association has not aimed to be a large organisation to dominate the community. More importantly, it has acted as a catalyst within the Chinese community to either assist special interest groups to form their own organisations or initiated other organisations and public projects. Some of the projects CPBA have initiated or been involved in’ developing over the years include:


Community Organisations:

Federation of Chinese Associations (FCA), the umbrella body for all Chinese associations in Victoria; Chinese Health Foundation of Australia which provides non-English speaking Chinese with community health services


Special interest groups:

Establishment of the

  • Australian Chinese Medical Association.
  • Chinese Restaurant Owners Association.


Public Projects:

Redevelopment of Melbourne’s Chinatown stages I and 2 including the creation of the ‘Chinese Gateways’ in Chinatown; the establishment of the Museum of Chinese Australian History in the heart of Melbourne’s Chinatown; introduction of Dragon Boat racing in Victoria; the Bendigo Golden Dragon Chinese Museum; the Ararat Gum San Chinese Museum; the Victorian Chinese Elderly Welfare Society.


Training Ground for Future leaders

One fact not widely known about CPBA is the training ground it provides for past, present and hopefully future leaders of the Chinese community. CPBA has nurtured many Chinese community leaders.


Past Presidents include Dr Ching-tang Tsiang AM. the late Councillor David Wang, Mr Wan-soon Gay, Mr Wellington Lee OAM OBE, Mr Jimmy Ho, Mr K C Ong, the late Mr Gordon Hung, Mr Albert Lee JP, Mr David S Chin, Chin Tan and William Lye. All have been extremely successful in their respective careers and set excellent examples for future generations to follow.


CPBA will continue to strive with its rather exclusive membership – professionals and business people. With CPBA continuing as a dynamic and pro-active organisation, others will continue to look to it for support and leadership.


The CPBA is committed to community charitable work. The CPBA has been instrumental in many community projects. Some of these projects include:

  • The redevelopment of Melbourne Chinatown – including the Chinese gateways.
  • The establishment of the Museum of Chinese Australian History in the heart of Melbourne’s Chinatown.
  • The introduction of Dragon Boat Racing as part of Melbourne’s annual “Moomba” festival.
  • The establishment of the Gum San Chinese Museum in the city of Ararat.
  • The Victorian Chinese Elderly Welfare Society.
  • A private sponsor of the “Jews in Shanghai” exhibition, which was exhibited at the Jewish Museum, Alma Road, St Kilda.
  • A sponsor of the Multicultural Red Cross.
  • A sponsor of the Victorian Child Safety Handbook Campaign.
  • The Establishment of the Phoenix Trust Foundation after the Tiananmen Square incident.
  • The Baucau Training Centre Project in East Timor.
  • The SARS Charity Concert.

Our members enrich communities.